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I love history and photography and have a deep interest in architecture. When I started this blog in 2017 I had the goal of photographing every historical church in Tasmania. This was initially driven by the proposed mass sell-off of Anglican churches. I was concerned that these buildings would be modified and no longer be accessible once in private hands.

As the years have passed this goal has changed to writing short histories of each and every church built in Tasmania, of which there are about 1500.  

My earliest posts are rather amateurish but my research and writing has improved somewhat over the years.  In time my hope is to revise and update every article to a publishable standard. I have received an overwhelming amount of material from followers of the blog and I will incorporate this into the articles in the revision phase. Eventually I hope to publish the best of the articles.

As of October 2021, I have broken the 1000th article barrier and still have about 500 churches to go.  At present the blog attracts about 1000 views per day and I hope that this will continue to grow. 

Consider joining and contributing to my Facebook group 'Churches of Tasmania'. A link to the group is <HERE>.

I am happy for followers of the blog to share my photographs for non-commercial purposes. If needed for other purposes, please ask and credit the source. No charge will be sought.

I welcome feedback and if I have made errors and typos please let me know. I suck at proofreading my own work.

St Mary the Virgin - Gretna


  1. Beautiful photos and very interesting information. You write so personably.

    While at the moment I'm surrounded by much older (and often very ostentatious!) Italian churches, the dignified simplicity of Tasmanian churches is quite lovely.

    Keep them coming ...

  2. Thanks for the site and work, I am enjoying reading. I have a few old post cards of churches from Lilydale and Scottsdale when you do that area.

  3. Thank you Fran, any old photos are most welcome. I am working on a few churches in the Lilydale area, including the old Methodist church from Tunnel which is now the hall behind the Uniting Church. I believe the old Salvation Army barracks may have been moved to Invermay. I would also like to find out more about the Presbyterian church in Lilydale as well as the Presbyterian church built in North Lilydale. So many mysteries but it is great fun solving them.


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