No. 1 - Christ Church Illawarra (1842)

Christchurch Illawarra is located approximately 4 kilometres northwest of the town of Longford. The church stands on land donated by Captain Edward Dumaresq.

The original building was erected in 1842 and was used as a school and church. In March 1845 the Launceston Examiner noted that:

“At Illawarra, an old colonist, E. Dumaresq, Esq., has erected a neat stone church, to which he intends to add considerably this autumn, affording accomodation for about eighty people at present. He has provided a residence for a teacher, a practical proof of interest in the cause of education….”.

The building was used as a place of worship for many years before it was consecrated by Bishop Sandford in February 1888 following the construction of a chancel. The cemetery was also consecrated at this time. In 1910 the tower and a new chancel were consecrated by Bishop Mercer. These were designed in the Arts and Crafts style by architect Alexander North and built in 1908 in memory of Captain Dumaresq who had died in 1906 at the age of 103.

The church was restored in 1958. In 2018 Christ Church Illawarra was listed for sale as part of the Anglican Church's redress scheme but was later removed from the list.

* Photographs of the church were taken by myself in 2018 and in 2023.

The entry to Christchurch with a dirt road winding up the hill to the church.

The Good Samaritan (1930) In memory of Reverend Windsor, is a gift from
the parishioners ot Illawarra and from friends.

The Good Shepherd (1930) The window in memory of Mr. Dumaresq is a beautiful representation of
"The Good Shepherd,"provided by Mrs Dumaresq and family. whilst that in
memory of Mr. Windsor, representative ot the "Good Samaritan," is a gift from
the parishioners ot Illawarra and from friends.
The altar was given by the Watson family, of whom Mrs. Dumaresq, senior, was a member.

                           Mrs Boyd, a Melbourne artist, painted the pictures on the reredos.

                        The font donated by Mr. H. Dumaresq in 1904.

The old rectory of Christ Church Illawarra. Undated photograph. The rectory was used as a school after the church was consecrated in 1888. Photo: Libraries Tasmania LPIC 147/3/275


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