No. 10 - St Peter's Church Nile

The village of Nile near Evandale was formerly known as Lymington. The village was formed by James Cox, the local landowner of Clarendon Estate, in about 1850 and named by him "after the seaport town in Hampshire." The Church building was originally used as a school on weekdays and a chapel on Sundays". The building was erected by James Cox (1790-1866) and stands on three acres of land also given by him. Early in 1893 the work of renovating the building commenced with Alexander North being the Architect. The addition of a Chancel Vestry and Tower were paid for from an endowment left by James Cox. On St Peter's Day 1893 the building was consecrated by Bishop Montgomery.

The town had its name changed to Lymington North, due to to the fact that confusion arose between this and another town called Lymington south of of Hobart. This confusion apparently continued for many years until in 1910 it was decided to change the name from Lymington North to Nile, by which name it is known today. The river Nile, which is not quite as grand as the original, runs through the village to join the South Esk River. 

Further information about the school can be found here:


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