No. 36 - Craythorne Road Methodist Church - Not Vanished ... But Recycled

Methodist churches in the Tamar region sprung up in large numbers in the late 19th century. I have come across chapels at Bridgenorth, Gravelly Beach, Winkleigh, Birralee, Richmond Hill, Beauty Point, Frankford, Supply River and elsewhere; which were established to serve small isolated communities. The church at Craythorne Road at Rosevears, is typical of these community churches that popped up and then disappeared from history. Although Craythorne has not quite disappeared; rather it has migrated to the Launceston suburb of Youngtown, where it still stands, recycled as a church hall.

I have not established much more about Craythorne apart from that it was established in the mid 1870’s.  The building was moved to Youngtown in 1949 to start a new life as a Sunday School Hall next to the Primitive Methodist Chapel in Victoria Street. I am not sure when it actually closed and I am hoping further information will come to light.

The story of the Youngtown Primitive Methodist Chapel will be covered in a seperate blog entry tomorrow.

The former Craythorne Road Chapel now in Youngtown    (photo :Duncan Grant 2018)

      The Examiner Saturday 26 March 1949


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