Mapping the Churches of Tasmania

One of my goals in this blog project is to photograph and/or record all existing and previously existing churches in Tasmania. One aspect of this task is to precisely map the location of each church on Google Maps and to provide images and basic data for each location point. Once complete this map will be published for public use. As far as I know this has not been done in Tasmania. 

As an illustrative example of using Google Maps, I have included an image of the West Tamar region showing known churches. Modern churches have not yet been added. When clicking on each map-pin, an image of the selected church appears along with basic information. Data can also be viewed in a searchable tabular format. Data such as denomination; date of opening; closure; existence of a cemetery and other information will be added in time. Although still in its infancy, the map should record approximately 1100 churches, chapels and other places of worship that exist or have existed in Tasmania. My hope is that the churches will be visited and preserved if their location and existence is better known.

                        When the pin is clicked, images of the selected church and information become visible

Approximately 40 churches have been mapped on the West Tamar so far

A very basic version of the data in tabular format which is searchable.


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