No. 98 - South Launceston Mulgrave Street Methodist Church - 'Unduly Proportioned'

Originally known as the Hampden Primitive Methodist Church, the building in Mulgrave Street opened on 22 March 1891. Hampden was also previously known as Galvin Town and both names are now remembered as street names in the South Launceston area. In 1891 a report in the Colonist outlined the progress made in developing a church here:

“The large population so fast increasing in that rapidly growing suburb (Hampden) has suggested the need of a church, and to supply this want tenders will be immediately called for the erection of one for the Primitive Methodist body in Mulgrave Street. The dimensions of the proposed structure – 30ft by 25ft – at first sight appear unduly proportioned, but this measurement has been adopted in view of lengthening the building when an enlarged population will render that step necessary. As a model the Baptist Church at Bracknell has been chosen, and the cost is estimated at about £200”

For several years after its opening the building was used as a Sunday school on week days. An extra room was added in about 1901. In 1918 the church was widened with the addition of side ‘wings’ and in 1920 a vestibule was added to the front of the building. No longer was the church 'unduly proportioned' and its pleasing dimensions are those which can be seen today.

The Mulgrave Street church has long since closed and the Methodist presence in South Launceston has also gone. Like so many churches which have beautiful 'sprung' wooden floors, it has been used as premises for a dance school. It has recently been sold once again and time will tell what will be in the next chapter in the life of this pretty little church in old Galvin Town.

Photo: Duncan Grant 2018

Very early morning shot to avoid parked cars and traffic: Photo: Duncan Grant 2018

Photo: Duncan Grant 2018

Photograph: Duncan Grant 2018

  Examiner  Saturday 21 Mar 1891 

Inside the church as a dance studio. Source: Insitu Property 2018

The Bracknell Baptist Church upon which the Mulgrave Street church is modelled. Photo: Duncan Grant 2018


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