No. 183 - The Dormition of Our Lady - Launceston

In the 1950's and early 1960's numerous Greek migrants arrived in Tasmania as a result of Australia's new immigration policy and the signing of a major immigration agreement with Greece in 1952. Many of these new arrivals worked on the Hydro-Electric Scheme at Tarraleah, Poatina, Wayatinah, and Bronte Park.

In 1968 the Greek Orthodox Community of Launceston was formed. In 1992 a Greek Orthodox Church, the Dormition of Our Lady, was opened in South Launceston.

In the Orthodox Church the passing of the Virgin Mary from earthly life is celebrated on a feast day held on 15 August in honour of the ‘Dormition’. This corresponds with the Assumption of Mary in the Western Church. The term ‘Dormition’ arise from the Latin ‘dormitio’ meaning ‘falling asleep’. 



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