No. 335 - The Church of Christ at Devonport

The Churches of Christ believe that Christian communities should be similar to those described in the New Testament, simple and with autonomous congregations. The Church of Christ has similarities with the Christian Brethren, although it is influenced by American rather than British churches. The first members of the Church of Christ  arrived in Tasmania in 1865, when the Fairlam family moved to Northdown near Latrobe and established a church there. In the 1870s churches were set up in Launceston and Hobart. They were initially simply known as 'Christians'; from 1885 as 'Disciples of Christ', and from 1915 as 'Churches of Christ'.

The Church of Christ in Devonport began in 1910 when the Torquay Hall was hired from the town council for 10s. per week. Later, a mission tent operated in Rooke Street and in 1924 a wooden church was built in Oldaker Street. This operated for less than a year before it was sold with the proceeds going towards the construction of a brick church in King Street. The church on King Street opened on Sunday 4 January 1925. There is a brief report in The Advocate describing the occasion:

“The new church building in King Street, erected by adherents of the Church of Christ, was opened on Sunday in the presence of large congregations. Services were conducted in the morning, afternoon and evening… In the morning a photo of the church and congregation was taken”.

In the 1950’s the church moved once again. The King Street building was sold and a new church was opened on the corner of William and Steele Streets in July 1952. This building was a wooden structure (see photo below) that was later replaced by the modern church that is in use today.

The 1925 photograph referred to in the Advocate - Source:

The new church opening in 1952. Source: The Advocate Wednesday 9 July 1952

Photograph: Duncan Grant 2019

Photograph: Duncan Grant 2019

Photograph: Duncan Grant 2019

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