No. 344 - The Ulverstone Gospel Hall

Ulverstone, situated on the north west coast of Tasmania, is a town of many churches with over 20 churches established in its 170 year history. While Ulverstone's older churches have a rich historical record, more recently established churches are more challenging to research. The following snippet about the Ulverstone Gospel Hall is derived from the souvenir booklet printed by the Ulverstone History Museum to celebrate the town’s sesquicentenary:

“Local businessman Stephen Margetts, held the first services at his home. Later meetings were held at the homes of Henry Forward and C.E. Elliot and in the Gaiety Hall, Main Street. The first permanent building in Alexandra Road opened in 1940. In 1952 a new hall was built in Amherst Street, West Ulverstone”.

The Ulverstone Gospel Chapel is associated with the heritage of the Christian Brethren Churches and its origins in the town go back to 1936. The modern appearance of the building in Amherst Street belies the fact that the Gospel church has had a presence in Ulverstone for over 80 years.

Photograph: Duncan Grant 2019

Photograph: Duncan Grant 2019

Photograph: Duncan Grant 2019

Photograph: Duncan Grant 2019

The original church building on Alexandra Road, now a shop. Google Street View image

Ulverstone History Museum.  Ulverstone sesqui-centenary celebrations souvenir 1852-2002 / Ulverstone History Museum  Sesqui-Centenary Book Committee, Ulverstone History Museum Ulverstone, Tas  2002


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