No. 367 - St Mary's at Bridport

Bridport is a resort town on Tasmania’s north-east coast situated at the mouth of the Brid River. It was once an important port for hinterland settlements during the mining boom of the late 19th century.

The first regular Catholic Masses at Bridport were held in the County Women’s association Hall. In 1974 construction of a church began on land donated by the Christian Brothers. The church was built from a modified ‘A-frame’ kit home and was opened and dedicated by Archbishop Guilford Young on 2 March 1975. St Mary’s is part of the Scottsdale parish and Mass is held once a week on Saturday.

Photograph: Duncan Grant 2019

Photograph: Duncan Grant 2019

Photograph: Duncan Grant 2019


Fairburn, Margaret E and McKay, John T. (Father) The flickering flame : Catholicism in north-east Tasmania, 1877-2011. Father John McKay, Tasmania, 2011.


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