No. 374 - St Barbara's Catholic Church at Rossarden

Rossarden is a former tin mining town in north-east Tasmania. In the 1930's a settlement was established at a site below Stack’s Bluff following the opening of the Aberfoyle Tin Mining Company, which began operating in September 1932. A dramatic drop in metal prices in the 1970's saw the mine’s production decline and its eventual closure in 1982. The town’s population dropped from a peak of over 500 when the mine was fully operational to approximately 60 permanent residents today.

In the early 1960’s Catholics at Rossarden acquired a church following the closure of the Church of the Guardian Angels at nearby Avoca. [see No. 166 ] The church was removed to Rossarden and erected at a site on the corner of Baker and Lee Streets. It was renamed St Barbara, the patron saint of miners and was blessed by Archbishop Guilford Young. For almost 20 years St Barbara’s served the mining communities at Rossarden and nearby Storeys Creek.

The downturn of mining activity in the1970’s and the subsequent closure of the Aberfoyle Tin Mining Company also resulted in the closure of the church. St Barbara’s was sold in the 1980’s and has been converted into a house.

The church at Rossarden, formerly the Church of the Guardian Angels at Avoca.  Photo: Duncan Grant 2018

Photo: Duncan Grant 2018


Blackaby, Narelle.  Rossarden : echo of the mountain / by Narelle Blackaby  Narelle Blackaby Civic Square, A.C.T  2004

The Mercury, Tuesday 28 August 1934,  page 3


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