No. 393 - The Independent Church of Christ at Ulverstone

The Ulverstone Independent Church of Christ is situated on Leven Street opposite Sacred Heart Catholic Church. Very little published or on-line information about the church is available. It was established in 1985 as a breakaway group from the Ulverstone Church of Christ and sees itself as a continuation of the original Church Christ established on South Road in 1905. The church’s website (now archived by the National Library), gives the reason for the schism as follows:

“We separated ourselves from the denomination known as the Associated Churches of Christ. The reason for our separation was to stand on the authority of the Bible as the Word of God and to avoid being involved in support of apostasy, including support for the World Council of Churches”.

The Independent Church of Christ is one of 15 churches active in Ulverstone

Photo: Duncan Grant 2019

Photo: Duncan Grant 2019
Sources: [accessed 19-04-19]


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