No. 398 - The Abbotsham Methodist Church

Abbotsham is a small community on the Castra Road 7 Km south of Ulverstone. Abbotsham once had three churches in the early part of last century but as travel became easier it declined as a rural centre. The settlement’s name is most likely derived from the Devonshire town of Abbotsham in Britain.

The first Methodist service held at Abbotsham was held in August 1933. The Methodists used a local hall until the Forth Congregational church was purchased in 1945 and removed to a site opposite the Abbotsham State school. The opening service took place on Sunday 17 June 1945 and was conducted by Reverend R. H. Howie.

The church was closed in the 1960’s and was subsequently used as a barn. The buildings condition deteriorated over the years and it was demolished and removed in 2010.

The only photo I have of the church is from Google street view - dated 2008

The only photo I have of the church is from Google street view - dated 2008

A Google street view shot from 2010 reveals that the church has been demolished!

Source: The Advocate 24 April 1945


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