No. 472 - Liffey Baptist Church

Liffey is a rural area at the foot of the Great Western Tiers about 40 kilometres south-west of Launceston.

Three Baptist’s churches have existed in the Liffey region. The first was a short-lived chapel built on the Stanford Estate in 1881. [see No. 463]. Prior to the opening of the second church in 1902, Baptist services were held in the State school.

The Daily Telegraph carried a report of this church’s opening in September 1902:

“The Baptist chapel, which has been lately erected, was opened on Sunday, when Pastor V. G. Britton preached appropriate sermons in the afternoon and evening. People from all parts of the district assembled for the opening services, and it was estimated that there were about 150 present. A meeting was also held on Monday evening, but the rain prevented many from attending. The offerings, which amounted to nearly £2, are to be devoted to the building fund. A Sunday-school has been started in the afternoon, and a number of children have been enrolled as scholars”.

According to “Around the County Circuit”, by Jennifer Hemsley, a third church was built at Liffey the early 1960’s on land donated by the Bosworth family, replacing the earlier church which had burnt down. The new church was badly damaged in a storm shortly after it opened.

Services at the church ceased in recent years. A Baptist church at nearby Bracknell, now Mountain Views Community Church, remains active.

The church in 2012. Source:

The church in 2012. Source:


Daily Telegraph, Thursday 14 August 1902, page 3
Daily Telegraph, Friday 12 September 1902. page 4 

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