No. 496 - Quamby Brook Baptist Church

Quamby Brook is small village approximately 10 kilometres south of Deloraine on the banks of the Quamby Brook stream. It was once a timber-milling district with a large mill situated near the village. 

Little information exists about the former Quamby Brook Baptist church. Before it opened in 1906, it had already been earmarked for use as a school. The Daily Telegraph reported:

“The Baptist chapel is nearly completed, and will be opened in about a week. The Education Department have decided to open it for school purposes, as a school is a necessity for this place.”

It is highly improbable that the EducationDeparted provided funds for the building, rather, the Baptists built the church on the understanding that the Department would rent it, enabling them to recoup some of the construction costs.

The church was officially opened on Sunday 21 January 1906. The Daily Telegraph reported:

“A new Baptist chapel was opened on Sunday at Quamby Brook by Rev. V. Britton. There were two services, both of which were well attended. On Monday night a meeting was held, when several friends contributed items of singing, etc. The building has been rented to the Education Department for school purposes, and a teacher has been appointed…”

The church was used as a State school until 1935 when a new school was built. At the opening ceremony of the school in December, the Baptist trustees of the church were thanked for the use the building for a period of almost 30 years.

The subsequent history of the church is not well documented but is was active until at least the 1960’s. The church still exists although it was modified when converted into a cottage and although the building no longer resembles a church, it is appropriately called “Church House” as a nod to its history.

An early photograph of a Sunday school class at the church (Helmsley)

As the church appeared in the 1990's. (Helmsley)

A recent image of the church (Google Street view)


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