No. 498 - Kings Meadows Baptist Church

King's Meadows is a suburb of Launceston that underwent significant growth in the post-war era. As the city spread southwards, meadows were replaced with houses but surprisingly few churches. However, most denominations were represented in the neighbouring suburbs of Sand Hill and Youngtown. 

A Baptist church was opened at Kay Street in the early 1950’s and services were held here for about 20 years. The church is now a Salvation Army citadel. The Examiner carried a brief report on the church’s opening in December 1953 which provides some interesting details about the building’s origins.

“A dedication ceremony at the inaugural service of the King's Meadows Church last night was the culmination of three months labour by Baptist parishioners. More than 100 churchgoers attended the meeting at the new church building, a converted factory, in Kay St., Kings Meadows for the simple consecration service. Three months ago, the Baptist Union of Tasmania bought the church and work was begun by loyal Baptists to convert and furnish the building. Last night is was officially opened under the chairmanship of the president of the Launceston District Baptist Association (Mr. L. C. Powell)… An address was given by the Rev. E. E. Watson. There will be regular fortnightly church and Sunday school services in the new church from now on”.

The church closed in December 1975 and the building was subsequently acquired by the Salvation Army which has built a new citadel alongside the original Baptist church.

The Baptist church is now part of a Salvation Army Citadel. Photograph: Duncan Grant 2019


Examiner, Friday 18 December 1953, page 17


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