No. 519 - Breadalbane - The Christadelphian Ecclesia

Breadalbane is a small settlement situated on the Midlands Highway approximately 10 kilometres from Launceston. Breadalbane was named by Governor Macquarie after the Earl of Breadalbane, his wife's cousin.

The word ‘Christadelphian’ means ‘Brethren in Christ’. The denomination was founded in 1848 by Dr. John Thomas (1805-1871), who broke from the Disciples of Christ. Christadelphian’s hold several beliefs that differ from traditional Christian denominations. They reject the doctrine of the Trinity and believe that Jesus Christ was a man. They do not mix with other Christian groups and have no interest in ecumenism. Members of this religion do not vote, do not run for political office, or engage in war. The word "ecclesia" is used by Christadelphians instead of church. Ecclesia is a Greek word usually translated as "church" in English Bibles. It also means "a people called out." Christadelphians communities are autonomous and they have no central governing body.

aunceston Christadelphians previously used a hall in Balfour Street before the Breadalbane hall was built in 1999. There are four Christadephian ecclesia in Tasmania and over 140 ecclesia across Australia.

Photograph: Duncan Grant 2019

Photograph: Duncan Grant 2019

Photograph: Duncan Grant 2019



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