No. 533 - Penguin Baptist Centre

Penguin is a coastal town situated approximately 30 kilometres west of Devonport. It was one of the last coastal towns to be settled in the 1860’s. The Victorian gold rush created a renewed demand for timber and consequently wood cutters and splitters settled in the area. The town was named by the botanist Ronald Campbell Gunn after the penguin rookeries that were once common along this part of the coast.

Penguin Baptist Church is a modern building situated on Ironcliffe Road about 2 kilometres from the centre of the town. This building replaced the first church built in 1908 which was situated near the centre of Penguin on the corner of Crescent Street (previously Station Street) and Ironcliffe Road. [see No. 533] Until a few years ago this was the location of ‘The Rock Community Church’ which has since moved to premises on Dooley Street.

The new church, known as the ‘Penguin Baptist Centre’, opened in 1995.

Photograph: Duncan Grant 2019

Photograph: Duncan Grant 2019

Photograph: Duncan Grant 2019

The site of the original church  - Google Street-view 2010


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