No. 547 - South Spreyton Baptist Church

South Spreyton is a peri-urban area on the Sheffield Road approximately 10 kilometres south of Devonport. It was once an important apple growing region but this has declined with urban encroachment.

A Baptist community became active at South Spreyton around the turn of the 20th century. From 1903 worship took place in an old building previously used as a State school. In April 1913 a church was built in a single day by voluntary labourers. The Launceston Examiner carried a brief report on this achievement:

“The Baptists of South Spreyton have been emulating the achievement of others in the matter of church building, where one day was allowed for the job. Having the site prepared, they went to work on Thursday, assisted by friends from Latrobe. The weather was good and the ladies catered well for refreshments. The Rev. H. E. Saunders was present. By nightfall the task was almost finished”.

There is no published record of an opening service but this would have taken place in April or May 1913. The church stood on a site opposite the old school on land donated by Mr Davis.

The church closed in 1992, a year short of its 80th anniversary, as a consequence of a decline in numbers of the congregation.

The South Spreyton Baptist Church (undated) Photo courtesy of Laurence Rowston (Tasmanian Baptist Historian)


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