No. 587 - Ravenswood - Zions Hill Church

Ravenswood is a suburb north of the city of Launceston. The area is probably named after the farmstead ‘Ravenswood’ which was established in the 1830’s. Over a period of 160 years eight places of worship have existed at Ravenswood. In recent times this has been reduced to three churches, one of which is the Zions Hill Church.

The Zions Hill Church has its origins in the 1980’s although it was only formally established in 1996 when the Vine Christian Church commenced in Launceston at the City Mission Chapel. After outgrowing the City Mission Chapel the Church moved to Newstead College in Cypress Street.

In 2001 the Church made an offer to purchase the gymnasium at Ravenswood High School. The offer was rejected but when the government placed the entire school property on the market, including 50 acres of land, a second offer made by the Church was successful. In 2002 the Vine Christian Church commenced services in the school's converted gymnasium.

In 2006 the name of the Church was changed to Zions Hill and it has since become a very successful ‘mega church’.  From August 2019, Zions Hill Church has begun to develop Zions Hill Apostolic Centre. Plans for the future include a four level 24/7 prayer tower overlooking the city, a recording studio, the establishment of businesses including a ‘worship school’ and various types of accommodation.

Photograph: Duncan Grant 2019

Photograph: Duncan Grant 2019


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