No. 594 - Ravenswood Revival Centre

Ravenswood is a suburb north of the city of Launceston. The area is probably named after the farmstead ‘Ravenswood’ which was established in the 1830’s. Over a period of 160 years eight places of worship have existed at Ravenswood. In recent times this has been reduced to three churches, one of which is the Ravenswood Revival Centre.

The Revival Centre is a part of Revival Centres International, a pentecostal church which back to 1948. Most pentecostal churches have fractious and complex histories of schisms and this is also true of Revival Centres International. The movement which was founded by Lloyd Longfield has grown into an international church with its headquarters in Melbourne and has centres in 22 countries. Over the years we’ve been known as Revival Centres of Australia, Revival Centres International, and more recently Revival Centres Church.

The Church has a strong emphasis on the need to show evidence of glossolalia or "speaking in tongues”. Revival Centres do not affiliate with any other religious organisation and are not a member of the World Council of Churches.

Photograph: Duncan Grant (2019)


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