No. 613 - New Norfolk - The Energizer Church

New Norfolk is a large town on the banks of the Derwent River approximately 40 kilometres west of Hobart. It is a historic town with its origins dating back to 1806.

There are seven active churches in New Norfolk; of these perhaps the most unusual building is the ‘Energizer Church’ located on Circle Street. At first glance it would appear that the church is a converted commercial building. A photograph of the church taken in 1995 shows a large cross on a tower-like structure above the building, suggesting that it may have been designed as a church or hall.  However it was in fact a former fire station built in the 1940's.  When New Norfolk's fire station moved to Back River Road, the building was acquired by the church and converted into a hall. The building has since been extended and a modern church hall is located at the rear.

The Energizer Church was previously known as the Derwent Valley Christian Church. The church identifies itself as pentecostal.

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Photograph - Duncan Grant 2019

Photograph - Duncan Grant 2019

A more recent extension at the rear of the original building - Photograph - Duncan Grant 2019

The Church in 1995 - Source: The National Library of Australia - photographer: Mike Key

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