No. 660 - Burnie - Romaine Park Christian Centre

Burnie is a port city on the north-west coast of Tasmania. The origins of the city date back to 1827 when a settlement was established at Emu Bay by the Van Diemen’s Land Company. Romaine Park is the most northerly section of the suburb of Romaine which extends along the highway towards Ridgley

The Romain Park Christian Centre is a member of the Christian Community Churches of Australia. This is an network of ‘Open Brethren churches’, or “assemblies" that do not form a denomination in the organisational sense, but rather a network of like-minded autonomous local churches.

The ‘Open Brethren’ have been renamed as the ‘Christian Community Churches of Australia’ partly as a reaction to public confusion between the ‘open’ movement and the hardline “Exclusive Brethren” churches.

The Romaine Park Christian Centre was established in 1974. The community describes itself as a “contemporary middle of the road Church”. Like most members of the Christian Community Churches, the Romaine Park Centre supports overseas missions and local welfare projects.

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Photograph - Duncan Grant 2019

Photograph - Duncan Grant 2019

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