No. 676 - Margate - One Way Christian Church

Margate is a coastal town on the Channel Highway approximately 7 kilometres south of Kingston. The original settlement was closer to the sea however the modern commuter town is now centred along the highway where the town’s churches are located.

The Margate church is associated with the Christian Reformed Churches of Australia (previously known as the Reformed Churches of Australia). The denomination was established following the arrival of large numbers Dutch migrants to Australia in the 1950s. The denomination is now inclusive of people from many backgrounds.

The One Way Christian church was established by members of the Christian Reformed Church of Kingston. It is an independent church operating under a covenant agreement with the mother church (CRC Kingston). It is also closely associated with other Christian Reformed churches located at Huntingtonfield, Blackmans Bay and Huonville. There are currently 57 Christian Reformed Churches in Australia of which 11 are located in Tasmania.

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