No. 741 - Seven Mile Beach - St Jude's Anglican Church

Seven Mile Beach is a settlement immediately south of Hobart Airport. It is on the western end of the long beach that faces onto Fredrick Henry Bay.

The only church established at Seven Mile Beach was St Jude’s of the Anglican Parish of Sandford. A timber building which cost $1100 was opened and dedicated as a church in December 1968. The church was a converted building purchased from the Lindisfarne Golf Club. In the 1960s the Club sold its land and buildings before moving to a new site at Barilla Bay. Before the acquisition of of this building, Anglican services were held at the Seven Mile Beach community hall.

St Jude’s is no longer at Seven Mile Beach. In recent years the church was moved to Sandford to serve as hall for St Martin’s Anglican church. Both St Jude’s and St Martin’s were recently sold and the buildings are now the premises of Tasmania’s oldest karate club, International Karate-do.

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St Jude's - Now at Sandford (photograph: Duncan Grant)

St Jude's - Now at Sandford (photograph: Duncan Grant)


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