No. 762 - Prospect Vale - Plymouth Brethren Christian Church

The Exclusive Christian Brethren, now known as the Plymouth Brethren, originated in Plymouth, Great Britain, in the 1820s. By the mid 19th century the movement had spread to Australia. The 'Exclusive Brethren' is a restrictive group which broke away in 1848. In 2012 the Exclusive Brethren adopted the name 'Plymouth Brethren Christian Church'. Tasmanian Plymouth Brethren churches are part of global organisation with about 50 000 members.  The Plymouth Brethren are known for avoiding social interaction with people outside the faith, which has contributed to it being viewed as a somewhat controversial Christian sect.

The Plymouth Brethren Church should not be confused with the 'Open Brethren'. In Tasmania, most Brethren belong to 'open' churches. 

With limited contact with the secular world, information about the church is not freely available. Construction of the new Prospect Vale church began in late 2017 with the church opening in early 2018. It is associated with the Brethren Oakwood School located at the Kings Meadows Techno Park. 

                   The church is located on Westbury Road. (My photo taken in 2020)



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