No. 772 - Ravenswood - Holy Cross Catholic Church

Ravenswood is a north eastern suburb of Launceston situated on the eastern side of the North Esk River. With a severe post-war housing shortage in Tasmania, the State Housing Department moved into 'broad-acre' development, building whole suburbs of homes which resulted in the creation commission housing suburbs such as Ravenswood.

Prior to the to the construction of Holy Cross church, masses were conducted at the local State school and the Ravenswood community hall. In the 1960s, negotiations with the Anglican community enabled the church of All Saints to be used by Catholics for Sunday Mass. In the 1970s progress was made towards building church. In November 1976 the Church of the Holy Cross was blessed and opened by Bishop Guilford Young.

Due to the reduction of priests in Launceston, regular Masses at 'Holy Cross' ceased in 2001. The church was later sold and developed into housing units.

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Fr. Terry Southerwood: Launceston's Catholic Story (1838-2001); 2001 Launceston.


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