No. 791 - Risdon Vale - The Christian Family Centre

Risdon Vale is a suburb of Greater Hobart. It was built by the Housing Department in the late 1950s and it is also the location of the Risdon Prison Complex.

The Christian Family Centre is associated with CRC Churches International, formerly known as the Christian Revival Crusade. This is a Pentecostal Protestant Christian denomination founded in New Zealand and Australia by Thomas Foster (Melbourne) and Leo Harris (Adelaide). The Christian Family Centre was established in 1979

In addition to regular Sunday worship the church is engaged in charitable work to support families in need through food relief and other practical support. It works with prisoners and the homeless to relieve their distress through the social and spiritual agencies of the Church.

The church serves the Risdon Vale community and supports families and children of prisoners incarcerated in Risdon Prison. In 2016 the Christian Family Centre received a $50,000 community infrastructure grant from the Tasmanian Community Fund (TCF) to purchase and install play equipment so that incarcerated fathers can watch their children play during visits in the playground at the Ron Barwick Men’s Minimum Security Facility.

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           A part of the Christian Family Centre - source: Christian Family Centre (Google Maps Images)

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