No. 835 - Moonah - Northern Suburbs Family Church

Moonah is a suburb of Greater Hobart and is located approximately 5 kilometres north of the city's central business district. Moonah was previously known as South Glenorchy before it was developed as a residential area in the late 19th century. 

The Northern Suburbs Family Church is located in Tregear Street off Springfield Avenue. While the church no longer appears to be operating, the building has a history as an intermittent place of worship.  About 20 years ago the building housed an Apostolic Church. Around 2008 it housed the Tregear Kindergarten before becoming the Northern Suburbs Family Church in 2013.  The original function of the building is not known but it was most likely for educational purposes.  The building is currently used by ‘The Northern Suburbs Family Care Ltd Charity’ which appears to have links with the Trinity Life Church at Blackman’s Bay; an independent Pentecostal church affiliated with the Full Gospel Churches of Australia.  

The building has been recently re-clad with zinc sheeting but unfortunately targeted by local vandals and is extensively covered in graffiti. Additional information about this former church and the building is most welcome as all articles are continually updated. I can be contacted through this page or my Facebook page "Churches of Tasmania" which is linked here: Churches of Tasmania.

       A 2009 Google Streetview imge when the building was the Tregear Kindergarten. It was previously used 
                                                                       at an Apostolic Church


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