No. 839 - Devonport Community Church

Devonport was created in 1890 with the merging of two towns on the opposite banks of the Mersey River; Formby on the west bank and Torquay on the east bank. The area was first settled in the 1840s.

Over thirty places of worship have been established at Devonport since settlement began. The Devonport Community Church is a more recent addition being established in the 1990s. The church is located on Formby Road in a converted building which includes a Christian bookshop.

The Devonport Community Church describes itself as a meeting place “for the worship of God, the preaching of the gospel, Christian fellowship and care, as well as being an outreach to those in need”. The church does not appear to be connected to any of recognised denominations but can be classified as an independent evangelical church.

Additional information about this church and the building is most welcome as all articles are continually updated. I can be contacted through this page or my Facebook page "Churches of Tasmania" which is linked here: Churches of Tasmania.

                                                      The church in 2018  (my photograph)

                     The church and building in 2007 - photograph: Libraries Tasmania (NS2937-1-756J2K)


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