No. 851 - Riverside - Tailrace Community Church

Riverside is a northern suburb of Launceston that falls under the authority of the West Tamar Municipality. As the name suggests, the church is located next to a tailrace discharging water from the Trevallyn Hydroelectric Power Station.

The Riverside Community Church belongs to an evangelical group of churches known as the Acts 2 Alliance. This is a relatively new group consisting of about 30 churches across Australia.  The Tailrace Community Church is associated with The Tailrace Centre.  The church was established by Tim O' Neill in 1994 as the New Directions Community Church.

In 2012 the New Directions Church developed the Tailrace Centre, a unique 3500 sq. m. conference, convention and function complex 3 kilometres from the centre of Launceston, which includes Kids Paradise and a cafĂ© restaurant. The Tailrace Centre has attracted much positive attention from local, Australian and overseas interests and is designed to help the ministries of the church connect daily with people who would not normally consider going to church. 

The origins of Acts 2 Alliance is described on the A2A website:

“A2A was formed in 2012 from pre-existing movements that saw their beginnings during the Charismatic renewal that swept the world through the 1960s and 1970s. The founders of these movements gave inspirational apostolic leadership that established a culture of restoration that continues in A2A. Although A2A is a new movement, it should be considered that its history begins in the 1960s, and continues to be written within the context of A2A”.

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