No. 890 - Detention - Detention River Christian Community

Detention is a rural area on the Bass Highway approximately 30 kilometres west of Wynyard. It takes its name from the Detention River, originally called the Tret River. In 1826, when the river was in flood, a party of surveyors from the Van Diemen's Land Company were stranded for several days, thereafter it became the known as the Detention River.

The Detention River Christian Community, (previously known as the Rocky Cape Christian Community) is located in the former Detention River Baptist Youth Camp which was acquired in 2017. It is an Anabaptist community, a conservative Christian group with roots going back to 16th century Europe. Its members are expected to give up their possessions for the common good. The Tasmanian community was established in 2005 by the Elmendorf Christian Community of Minnesota.

The Detention River Christian Community describes itself as:

“A self funded Christian Community that provides spiritual support in the areas of loneliness, marginalisation, familial conflict, marital guidance, prayer for any need and also a place to stay, space dependent, for those needing time to reflect or who are looking for spiritual direction…..We receive many requests from the general population for support and prayer. We demonstration of a Christian way of life that has a much smaller environmental footprint”.

                          A sign which still displays the original name of the community.



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