No. 905 - Lenah Valley - Immaculate Heart of Mary School and Catholic Church

Lenah Valley is a suburb of Hobart situated in the foothills of Mount Wellington north of the city centre. Lenah Valley was originally known as Kangaroo Bottom and later as Kangaroo Valley. Lenah is the native Aboriginal word for kangaroo.

The Sisters of St Joseph established 'Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School' in 1961. The building of a church next to the school provided a centre for the local Catholic community.

In 2005 Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School changed from being a "systemic school", overseen by the Tasmanian Catholic Education Office, to being independently run by the Sisters of St Joseph and Sacred Heart College at New Town. The school became known as Sacred Heart. The Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary was decommissioned during this time. In 2012, governance reverted to the Catholic Education Office and Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School was re-established. The former church is now used as the school chapel.

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