No. 936 - Pawleena - The Church of the Holy Cross (1910 - 2002)

Pawleena is a small rural community approximately 6 kilometres north of Sorell. The settlement was originally known as ‘Cherry Tree Opening’ and the name Pawleena appears to have been adopted after 1923. Pawleena is an Aboriginal word, used by southern tribes, meaning 'gun' or musket.

Aside from a handful of reports in local newspapers, there is little information about the Anglican Church of the Holy Cross. The church was built in 1910 and dedicated by Bishop Mercer on Wednesday 14 September. A correspondent for the Mercury reported:

“In perfect weather on Wednesday, the Bishop of Tasmania dedicated the new Church of S. Cross [sic] at Cherry Tree Opening. The church stands about four miles from Sorell on one of the prettiest roads in the district. A large number of people journeyed from Sorell and the district (reaching to Nugent to Dunalley) to take part in the interesting and important ceremony. The building, which was erected by Mr, Arthur Quinn, is of a size to hold a hundred people, has a very shapely little chancel and a porch and vestry. It stands on a bank, a hundred yards from the road, in a plot of ground well planted with oaks. After the service a large number of visitors were entertained with tea under the oaks by the ladies…”.

A report written on the occasion of the church’s 25th anniversary states that the Church of the Holy Cross was established as a result of the activities of the rector of Sorell, Reverend E.G. Muschamp.

The church closed and was sold in 2002. The building was subsequently converted into a house. The photographs used in this article are from 2008 after the church had been renovated and sold for a second time.
The Church of the Holy Cross (1910) - The Tasmanian Mail 29 September 1910

  The church in 2008 -

Source: (2008)

Source: (2008)

 The former Church of the Holy Cross in 2015 - source: Sorell Times October 2015


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