No. 940 - Hobart North - Friends' Meeting House

The suburb of Hobart North, as the same suggests, is on the northern fringe of the city centre. It is a mixed residential and commercial area.

The Society of Friends Meeting House is located on Boa Vista Road and adjoins the Friends School Argyle Street campus.

The Religious Society of Friends, or Quakers have had a presence in Tasmania for almost 200 years. The first meeting house was established on Murray Street in 1837. The Quakers second meeting house was built in 1960 following the development of the Argyle Street Campus in 1955.

The Meeting House and Friends School are located on the former Boa Vista Estate built in 1828 for Dr James Scott, the colonial surgeon. The Boa Vista mansion was demolished in 1970, leaving the entrance lodge as the only physical remnant of the property's long history.

The former entrance lodge to the Boa Vista Mansion, the only physical remnant of the property's long history.



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