No. 949 - Kaoota - Seventh Day Adventist Church

Kaoota is a rural settlement approximately 18 kilometres south-west of Kingston. Kaoota once had a coal mine with a dedicated railway. Mining petered out when the quality of coal started to decline. Kaoota is an aboriginal word for dusk.

Kaoota’s former Seventh Day Adventist church is the only church that was established at the settlement. It was built in 1934 after Mr J.C. Warren, an elder of the church, moved into the area. It was the sixth ‘Adventist’ church to open in Tasmania. The original church, which measured only 36ft. by 18ft., was built from the timber of a single giant tree.

The church was dedicated on Sunday 4 March 1934. The date of the church’s closure is not known but it is believed to be in the early 1960s, prior to the opening of a Seventh Day Adventist Church at Margate. The church has been converted into a house and is located at the junction of Pelverata Road and Coal Mine Road.

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The church in 1934 - source: Australasian Record

 A photo of the church in 1934 - The Mercury

The church in 1941 - The Australasian Record

A Google street-view image of the former church (2010)


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