No. 963 - Claremont - Edge Anglican Church (St Alban's)

Claremont is a suburb of Greater Hobart. It is named after Claremont House, which was built in the 1830s by local settler Henry Bilton. Claremont was the home of an Army training camp during the Great War which at that time consisted of only a few scattered houses in a largely rural setting.

Claremont’s first Anglican church, which was built in 1913, was replaced by the present church on a new site in 1981. The original building still exists but has been converted into a house. [see No. 718]

In 2016 St Alban’s was renamed as ‘Edge Anglican Church’ in association with St Matthew’s at New Norfolk and St Mark’s at Pontville; which form “a network of Anglican churches in the evangelical charismatic tradition”.

The original St Alban's - source: Libraries Tasmania.


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