No. 970 - Smithton - St Peter Chanel Catholic Church

Smithton is the commercial and industrial centre of the Circular Head district in the far northwest of the island. The early settlement was known as Duck River but this was changed to Smithton in 1895. Smithton is named after an Irishman, Peter Smith, who had been a constable, and later the licensee of ‘The Plough Inn,’ at Stanley. Smith moved to Duck River after buying some 500 acres of land from the Poke and Ollington families. Smith’s successful enterprises enabled his return to Ireland.

The first Catholic churches in the Smithton district were built at Irishtown (1903) and Montagu (1910). St Attracta’s Catholic church at Smithton was built in 1934 at a site on Emmett Street [see No. 903] In the late 1970s the church with its associated convent school moved and reopened at a new site at Sampson Avenue on Tier Hill.

The new church was dedicated to St Peter Chanel, a Marist priest who was martyred on Futuna Island in 1841, and who was to become Polynesia's only Catholic saint. St Peter Chanel Catholic School, which opened in 1979, is situated close to the church. A feature of the church is its setting on park-like grounds and its inclusion as part of “The Way ACross Tasmania”, a pilgrimage route with of 14 uniquely designed crosses.

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