No. 986 - Redpa - St John's Anglican Church

Redpa is a small settlement in the far northwest approximately 40 kilometres west of Smithton. It was originally named Marrawah East before it was changed to Redpa in 1926. The residents asked that it be renamed Braddon but “the authorities decided otherwise”. Redpa is an aboriginal word for "mosquito". St John’s Anglican church was built and dedicated in 1958. It replaced an earlier Anglican church hall built in 1925 which had served as a church and community hall.

 Little information is available about the new church and the date of its closure is not known. Dorothea Henslowe records in ‘Our Heritage of Anglican Churches in Tasmania’, that in 1964 “a font was purchased by each family raising a pig”.

The only photograph of the church I have come across is from a real estate advertisement dating back to 2011. By this time the church had already been modified into a dwelling.

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St John's in 2011 - Photo credit: Roberts Real Estate Smithton


Henslowe, Dorothea I & Hurburgh, Isa Our heritage of Anglican churches in Tasmania. Mercury-Walch, Moonah, Tas, 1978.


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