No. 987 - Mangalore - St Martin's Anglican Church (1914-1967)

Mangalore is a semi-rural district on the Midland Highway approximately 6 kilometres north of Pontville. It was once a farming area but in recent years it has undergone some suburban development. The area is named after Mangalore Tier, a feature that was first marked on maps in the early 1820s.

Very little information is available about St Martin’s and I have yet to find a photograph or a description of the building. Most information about the church’s established comes from a single report published in the Hobart Mercury in November 1913:

“During the last four of five years the population of this district has increased so rapidly that the Rev. J. Corvan recently opened a Church of England Sunday-school at the railway station until a suitable building was erected. Mrs Graf gave a block of land (very conveniently situated) to the church trustees, and an energetic committee has been at work endeavouring to raise the necessary funds. A concert, a lecture, contributions in the shape of cash, labour and material have all helped within a measurable distance of realisation, and on Wednesday, 12th inst., Archdeacon Whitington laid the foundation stone of St Martin’s hall, and said he hoped that it would be a blessing to the residents of Mangalore…”.

The official opening of the church hall is not recorded however it seems that the building was in use by the beginning of 1914.

St Martin’s was one of several churches destroyed by the 1967 bushfires that swept across southern Tasmania.

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The Mercury, November 1913


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