No. 1012 - Hadspen - Grace Presbyterian Church

Hadspen is a dormitory town on the South Esk River approximately 10 kilometres south west of Launceston. It dates back to a village near Reibey’s ford established in the 1830s. It is surmised that George Frankland (Surveyor-General 1827 to 1838) named the settlement after an Estate in his native county, Somerset.

Hadspen’s Grace Presbyterian church is a recently established religious community. In 2019 a group of Presbyterian Churches in northern Tasmania began to work toward forming a new church to serve the south west corner of Launceston and the nearby towns in the Meander Valley and Northern Midlands. Initially worship was held in a private home but since 2021 the church has established itself at the Hadspen Memorial Centre.

Grace Presbyterian Church is part of the Presbyterian Church of Tasmania and Australia, holding to the Westminster Confession of Faith. The community describes itself as catholic, evangelical and reformed. There are currently 14 active Presbyterian churches in Tasmania.

Grace Presbyterian Church meets at the Hadspen Memorial Centre

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