No. 1030 - Savage River - Ecumenical Community Church (1968-1995)

Savage River is an iron ore mining town created specifically to house the workers from the Savage River Mine. It is located 25 km from the former mining town of Corinna. The township, which was established in the 1960s, now has a population of under 50. Iron ore from the mine is piped as slurry north to the coast at Port Latta for on-shipment.

Savage River’s community church was dedicated on Sunday 12 May 1968 with the Catholic Archbishop of Hobart, Dr. Guilford Young, and Anglican Bishop of Tasmania, Robert Davies, in attendance. Also present were representatives of the Presbyterian, Methodist and Baptist denominations.

The church was a converted building that had previously been used as the single mens’ quarters. The building which was owned by Savage River Mines was purchased by the Anglican church for the sum of $1.

With the decline of mining operations attendance at the church dwindled and the final service was held on Sunday 9 April 1995.

I have yet to locate a photograph of the church and will update this article at a future date.

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An aerial view of Savage River - Source: Save River Memorial Page (Facebook) origin of photo not stated.

An aerial view of Savage River - Source: Libraries Tasmania  AB713-1-11918

Savage River township - source: Libraries Tasmania


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The Advocate, Wednesday 22 March 1995, page 1


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