No. 1032 - Cornelian Bay Cemetery - Wellington Chapel

Cornelian Bay cemetery opened in 1872 after four of Hobart’s cemeteries were condemned as health hazards. Some, but not all bodies were exhumed and reinterred at Cornelian Bay. The cemetery was originally divided into sections for religious denominations: Church of England, Catholic; Presbyterian; Jewish; Quaker; Baptist and Independent. A War Grave and Pauper section were also established. It is estimated that there has been 100,000 burials and 60,000 cremations at Cornelian Bay.

Since it was established, three funeral chapels have operated at Cornelian Bay Cemetery. (see No. 955 - The Derwent Chapel and No. 1024 - The Mortuary Chapel)

The Derwent Chapel was replaced by the Wellington Chapel in 1993. In 2005 the Wellington Chapel was substantially renovated as it was considered cold, damp and uninviting. The refurbished chapel deliberately avoids specific religious preferences leaving the building open to individual interpretation.

The chapel's interior.  Photo credit: Mirowski Design and Construction



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