No. 1059 - Longford - Northern Midlands Church of Christ

Longford is an historical country town approximately 25 kilometres south of Launceston. The district around Longford was first known as the Norfolk Plains after the Norfolk Islanders who were resettled here in 1813. The settlement was originally called Latour and in 1833 it was renamed Longford.

The “Northern Midlands church of Christ” is located in a converted business premises on Marlborough Street. The church does not appear to be associated with the ‘Churches of Christ in Victoria and Tasmania’ (CCVT). The church’s website describes the ‘Northern Midlands church of Christ’ as “a small group of Christians now meeting in Longford” which is “not represented of, or affiliated with any denomination”.

In recent years scores of traditional churches have closed but have been replaced by new religious denominations whose churches are housed in range of premises including shops, warehouses, halls and other buildings. While these are often not architecturally inspiring places of worship, they are nevertheless a part of the unfolding history of the practice of religion in Tasmania. Whether these new churches will endure, or fade away, leaving barely a trace of their existence, is a question which will be answered in time.

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