No. 1065 - Mornington - Citywide Baptist Church

Mornington is an eastern shore suburb in the City of Clarence which is a part of the Greater Hobart region. Mornington was developed as a housing commission estate by the Tasmanian Government Housing Department in the late 1960s. The suburb is named after an old farming property established in the mid 19th century.

Citywide Baptist church is located on Cambridge Road in a building that was once used as a bowling alley. The church was established following the Tasman Bridge disaster in 1977 which effectively cut off Baptists living on the Eastern Shore from Baptist churches in Hobart.

Consequently a new Baptist church know as “Citygate” was formed on the East Shore in the late 1970s. The church met in the Rosny College auditorium until an opportunity arose to purchase the bowling alley at Mornington. The name ‘Citywide’ was adopted following the church’s merger with the Lenah Valley Baptist Church.

Citywide Baptist Church at Mornington - photo credit: Heather McKillop

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