No. 1066 - Myalla Baptist Church (1924-1972)

Myalla is a rural settlement south of Sisters Creek and the Bass Highway. The district became known as Myalla from about 1905 when roads were planned for the area. The railway from Burnie reached Myalla in 1913.

At its peak, Myalla had three churches: an Anglican Mission Hall (1919), a Gospel Hall (1919) and a Baptist church (1924). Of these, only the Gospel Hall has survived closure.

Myalla’s first Baptist church and school was built in 1906 on land donated by Mr Ambrose Walters. The building served as a school during the week and a Sunday school and church over the weekends.

In 1924 a new church was built on land near Lapoinya which was donated by Mr Charles Williams. A report published in the Advocate describes the opening of the church on Sunday 27 April 1924:

“The new Baptist church at Myalla was officially opened… by Rev. À. Paton Dawson who was the preacher at both the afternoon and evening services which were well attended though the weather was very unfavourable. It is a pretty little church on the most prominent site in the district. The interior of the building was clad in a festal array of autumn berries and ferns, and presented a charming sight. Miss Hawley, who is the organist of the church, was in charge of the musical portion of the service. On Monday a fair was held when the ladies of the congregation had a fine display of things ornamental and useful for sale, and very good business resulted….”.

The Myalla Baptist church closed in 1972. The building was subsequently sold and has been converted into a house.

Myalla Baptist Church - Photograph courtesy of Lawrie Rowston

Myalla school and church - Weekly Courier November 1906

The Myalla Baptist church in 2008 after its conversion into a house. (


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