No. 1071 - Howrah Methodist Church (1960-1977)

Howrah is a suburb of Greater Hobart situated on the East Shore. It is named after "Howrah House", a property built in the 1830s on the Clarence Plains by a retired Indian Army officer, Captain James Fielder. Howrah is a district of Calcutta where Captain Fielder was stationed.

Howrah’s Methodist church was situated at the junction of Tranmere and Howrah Road. The church no longer exists and only one very poor photograph of the building exists in the public domain. The following information about the church is taken from Reverend Max Stansall’s book, ‘Tasmanian Methodism’:

The trustees of Wesley Church, Hobart, purchased two blocks of land at the corner of Tranmere and Howrah Road for £3754. The first meeting to form a trust to build a church was convened on 3 December 1958. A timber building on a steel A-frame was designed by Messrs. I.G. and L.G Anderson for use as a church and a general purpose hall. Construction was carried out in 1960.

The opening and dedication service was conducted by the Reverend A.N. Kemp on 5 June 1960. The church had been envisaged as a joint venture between the Presbyterian and Congregational churches, but this did not eventuate. Therefore it became a Methodist project. The building was also used as a kindergarten by the Education Department in addition to Guide and Brownie groups.

In 1971 the Methodist congregation of Howrah and the Congregational Church at Bellerive formed a joint parish. With the establishment of the Uniting Church in 1977 the building became superfluous and the property was sold. Three housing units now occupy the site of the church.

Additional information about this church is most welcome as all articles are continually updated. I am also seeking a better photograph of the building. I can be contacted through this page or my Facebook page "Churches of Tasmania" which is linked here: Churches of Tasmania.

The church under construction in 1960. Source: Libraries Tasmania - Item Number: AA116-1-91

Howrah Methodist Church. Image: Stansall,  Tasmanian Methodism,


Stansall, M. E. J. and Methodist Church of Australasia.  Tasmanian Methodism, 1820-1975 / [by M.E.J. Stansall ... et al]  Methodist Church of Australasia Launceston, Tas.  1975


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