No. 1072 - Mornington - Derinya Street Kingdom Hall

Mornington is an eastern shore suburb within the City of Clarence, a part of the Greater Hobart region. Mornington was developed as a housing commission estate by the Tasmanian Government Housing Department in the late 1960s. The suburb is named after an old farming property established in the mid 19th century.

The former Kingdom Hall at Mornington is located on Derinya Street, west of the South Arm Highway.  Built in the 1970s, the old hall is now the premises of the Bugeido Karate School. The Mornington Hall was replaced by a new Kingdom Hall built at nearby Cambridge. It is believed that access and parking problems were the reason for the relocation to Cambridge. 

The Jehovah's Witness diverges from the mainstream doctrines of Christianity in that it is a non-trinitarian tradition. Jehovah's Witnesses believe their denomination is a restoration of first-century Christianity. It is a ‘closed’ church and its practices have led its critics to regard it as a sect. The historical persecution of members of the Jehovah’s Witness in many countries, including Australia, has further contributed to the denomination maintaining a low profile in the media. For this reason the history of the Jehovah Witness in Tasmania presents a challenge to research.

The following information is derived from the Jehovah Witness’ official tract ''The Watchtower':

“In the early 1900s a member of the International Bible Students Association, as Jehovah's Witnesses were known, was distributing Bible study publications in Tasmania. Literature was left with the postmaster at Queenstown, Tom Anderson, and he and his wife became Witnesses. Around this time, E. Brewster preached around the state. In about 1908 Bible students were active in the Westbury area, and spread to the north-east of Tasmania. The Witnesses operated radio station 7UV in Ulverstone from 1934 to spread the Bible's message. In 1945 the Witnesses purchased their first Kingdom Hall (church) in Hobart”.



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