No. 1082 - Cubit's Creek Meeting House (1911-1956)

I will be posting a series of very short articles about minor churches that have left little trace in the historical or photographic record. Among the objectives of this blog is to create a definitive catalogue of all churches and other places of worship that have existed in Tasmania since settlement. My hope is that the publication of some basic details about these buildings on this blog might result in further information and historical images coming to light.

Cubit’s Creek is a locality in the Caveside district which is close to Mole Creek in Tasmania’s north. Cubit’s Creek Meeting House was the predecessor of the Caveside Church of Christ that was built in 1956.

In the 1870s the Church of Christ arrived in Tasmania and first established itself in Launceston and Hobart. Initially the denomination was simply known as the ‘Christians' then from 1885 as 'Disciples of Christ' and finally as 'Churches of Christ'. The Churches of Christ formed numerous congregations across the north of the Tasmania but especially in the north and north-west.

The Church of Christ was established at Cubit’s Creek in 1911 when a church or “meeting house” was built over a period of 6 days by voluntary labour. Three opening services were conducted on Sunday 21 May. The building was a simple weatherboard structure.

Shortly after the meeting-house opened the possibility of using the building jointly as a school was considered. The Launceston Examiner reported:

“Mr Heritage, the state school inspector, met at the new meeting house at Cubit’s Creek on Monday….[with] the trustees of the place and parents and children to enquire into the possibility of opening a school there. After obtaining all the information possible he said he could not hold out much hope, as the spot was not far enough from existing schools, and also the number of children was not quite up to the stipulated requirements….”.

There are no further reports of progress towards the establishment of a school.

I have used a photograph of the ‘new’ Caveside Church of Christ for this article. It is possible that one of the buildings attached to the main church could be of the original church.



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