No. 1121 - Burnie - Acton - Chinese Methodist Church

Acton is a suburb of the city of Burnie in north-west of the State. Acton is most likely named after a former English village which has been absorbed into Greater London.

The Acton church was opened in 1982 by the Christian Brethren. In January 2018 the church was sold to the Chinese Methodist Church in Australia. The Church was started by members from the Methodist Churches of Malaysia and Singapore who were either sent to Australia or emigrated there. The Chinese Methodist Church is found in all the major cities of Australia.

The Acton church was dedicated by Bishop Kwang on 16 June 2018. There are now three Chinese Methodist Churches in Tasmania including the Faith Methodist Church at Sandy Bay and the Praise Methodist Church at Invermay. The denomination is represented by 21 churches in Australia.

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